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Category: Technology & Computing Essentials

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Is this a year of change?

Recently Google reported that it has seen sudden growth of 50% rise in mobile traffic in 2011. Another such news is that Google is likely to launch Google TV by mid 2012. Google is not just one company that is on change, Microsoft is also on the same trail with more or less same offering and conclusions.  Xbox is now more verbal controlled and Microsoft hopes to use the same technology in the next generation TV. The new operating system Windows 8 is likely to offer a same operating system that can work on all devices including mobile and hopefully future internet TVs. What does this news mean?

Well, the answer is simple this year 2012 will see an evolution of new method of entertainment. In 2011 we saw dawn of tablets which is likely to exceed sales of laptops and desktops in 2012 and with consumers demanding more and more high power and flexible devices in 2012 we are going to see internet TV joining the mainstream. The question still remains is with the speed of broadband that we have in major part of world will this be a success or will it take time like 3D TVs?