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My blog shares name with Microsoft

Today I had a look at who else is using the name – ‘Technology For Everyone’ and I was surprised to see that this is used by Microsoft. They use it for the accessibility tools from them.

Technology for everyone blog by Ankur

I am sure the name Technology For Everyone is very general, but it represents the exact nature of the work that I am offering. This blog is going to cover wide range of technology topics some of them are

  • Information Technology – computers, PCs, networking, etc
  • Telecommunication Technology – Internet, phones, mobiles, mobile computing, broadband, hosting, etc
  • Business Technology – Office automation, software, business using Internet, e commerce & websites related, etc
  • Home Technology – Home automation, security systems, power management, etc
  • Gadgets – My favourite I like gadgets from simple tools to battery powered gadgets I intend to include reviews and more

In nutshell I want this blog to be one of the main place when any one wants to look for technology news, reviews and information & so the name Technology For Everyone Blog By Ankur.

(I hope I can make it 🙂 )

Is solar power the future?

Today I have received an article from Electronic week that stats that solar power generation in the UK has grown from 6MW in 2009 to estimated 96MW in 2010. WOW!

The Spain is following us with a growth estimate of 730% in 2010.

We are all gearing towards the use of green energy.

I realised from the UK Department of Energy and climate change that a typical household with 2.5KW system could save £140 per year on its electric bill. This is too good! 🙂

What summer means for online businesses

I love Summer. I like the Sun & want to enjoy every second that comes with it. I am sure that with average of 25 days in a year when we (UK) get the Sun majority of us want to enjoy the Sun.

But what it means to online business? The offline retail gets advantage of sun, because it is bright & sunny day – people go out, so retail stores get more people coming in to the store. But for online stores, because people are out & about the online sales fall off.

However there are exceptions to this rule – some examples are

  • Store selling summer garden items
  • Information sites like – TFL(Transport for London), people will surf this site even from Mobile

Hope this helps you to identify the buyers pattern for your site.

Do you think Google is higest traffic generator for your business?

I was going through Hitwise for the general traffic data. Where as I knew that social network is a strong competitor to search. I was a bit surprised to see the worldwide traffic data from Hitwise for week ended 19 Jun 2010:

  • Facebook – 8.86%
  • Google – 7.25%
  • Yahoo – 3.78%
  • Yahoo mail – 3.68%
  • Youtube – 2.70%

In the list of top 5 traffic sites I can see Facebook #1 and this is an indicator of what way the world is going.

Where as this is a good indicator of where to advertise but I shall point out from my past experience with Facebook. I have tried to use the traffic from Facebook for business, I got a lot of traffic but not much of use. I think to be successful; there is a need for dedicated campaigns for Facebook with some social message. I am going to try again with a dedicated campaign and update the result on this blog.

ipad from Apple

Will ipad be a success?

Looking at the Apple’s trackrecord of improving on the existing Gadget and making it more feature rich, anyone will say that ipad will be a hit.

Given the fact that ipad is like a big iphone with number of added features it can be very useful gadget.

I am impressed by the fact that it has internet connection – I can read books and download what I want.

You can get more information about the latest models & prices on


The browser war is on…

Surveys have shown that popularity of Google Chrome is growing and is taking away the market share from Internet explorer.

Recently market survey by Net Applications showed that market share of IE has dipped just below 60% – though it is more than double of FireFox which is at about 24% and ten folds of Chrome which is about 6% but the fact is that FireFox is growing slowly and Chrome is growing rapidly.

It will be interesting to see how Chrome goes in few months from now. It looks like that the Chrome adverts are helping Google to gain ground.

Internet is expanding

Years ago when internet started as a network or networks – it had limited use.

Today in modern world we are now talking of multiple devices that we use daily are connected to internet. We have laptops, mobiles, game consoles, ip cam’s, etc . Do you know that all of these devices need an unique identifier for them. This unique identifier is called as IP address.

The system is simple – imagine that you live in flat no. 2 on xyz road of abc city. For someone to contact you she will  go to abc city, find xyz road and locate flat no.2 on it. The problem is that you share the flat with you friend. Now how will she identify which one of the two guys are you. Your name is your identifier, in the same manner number of devices that you use to connect to internet needs an unique identifier.

Well, now we are approaching about billion devices online and the IPv4 (32bit) system used to generate the ip addresses will soon get over – then what, we expand the system. The new system called IPv6 (128bit) will take over and we can have over trillion devices.

So enjoy the expanding power of connectivity.

3 Social media sites – must use for business

Every day we come across number of people – many of them could have been useful in one of our future plan, but we tend to forget them over a period of time. Same is the case with your prospects.

Now with social media it is very easy to make and maintain relationship with prospects and because every conversation is kept on record there is a probability that you may keep on getting them, 3 top social media sites I think will help in achieving our goals are

  1. Linked in:
    Obvious main business networking site – that is open for businesses is one of the main site that can help you to make and establish your contacts
  2. eAcademy:
    As in case of many freelancer who want immediate work – this site could be a good resource
  3. Xing:
    This is a good one if you want to go world over – it has some exciting features that can help you to make your profile strong.

3 ways in which Internet can help the local business

Many time I get calls from local business owner – a local flower shop or a carpet shop or a plumber asking me how can Internet help them to get more business?

The idea is clear – any business that needs customers needs some form of representation to the prospective market & if you can use Internet wisely you can do so more effectively. 3 good examples of use of Internet to get more business are given below


  1. Use local PPC adverts:This is quick way of getting business. If you have a website you just run a simple pay per click campaign on Google and make it visible only to your local area. This has an advantage that it can start generating response in under an hour however you do need to take care that you know what you are doing because if you bid on wrong keyword it can lead to a total loss of spend. Eg. if you offer leak repair service, you don’t want to bid on plumbers because this can actually give you someone looking for plumber for gas fittings which you cant offer but you still pay to Google to get that person on your site.I am offering some pay per click management service and you can see the type of changes that I have got for some of my past clients on my business site
    Pay Per Click Management
  2. Use pay per lead solution:This is a direct method of advertising where you only pay for the person matching your spectrum has made an enquiry for your type of service with your pay per lead provider. This is cost effective because you get active leads and it is down to your own skills to convert this leads to sale.I do offer a pay per lead service you can find more info. about it at
    Pay Per Lead Expert
  3. Use social media: Now a days almost everyone use Facebook and you can get many such sites where you can actually promote your skills and get involved to get more work.
    Some good sites are

Hope these tips helps 🙂


3 ways to save money on internet

A few years ago Internet started saving money for all users and now Internet has got huge potential to save you money on day to day activities.

Where as we all are aware of price compare sites but there is more to Internet and I am giving some of the easy tips that can help not so tech savvy people to save.

  1. Go beyond ebay:With ebay you can put up your used stuff for sale & pay insertion fees and commission, but now with number of sites offering free classified services it might be easy to sale without fees. Some of the sites that might help are
  2. Go beyond price compare:For years price compare sites saved money for average shopper online, but now more intelligent shoppers first use the price compare site and then find out voucher codes for the cheapest company from different affiliates or cashback sites to save even more
    Some of these sites are
  3. Recycle and saveWhy not to recycle your used mobile phone and save? with number of mobiles now available on contracts for free there are spare phone available for UK consumers and these phones are totally spare unused items, why not to recycle them for a price?
    Some of the sites that offer you money for the used phone are

The potential is huge – be creative and find out more. I have not traded with any of the sites mentioned above and I am not recommending them, I just got them by doing some simple Google search. You can get more exact match for you by putting in exact search string, my aim is to pass the idea and not the site.

Hope this helps 🙂