Years ago when internet started as a network or networks – it had limited use.

Today in modern world we are now talking of multiple devices that we use daily are connected to internet. We have laptops, mobiles, game consoles, ip cam’s, etc . Do you know that all of these devices need an unique identifier for them. This unique identifier is called as IP address.

The system is simple – imagine that you live in flat no. 2 on xyz road of abc city. For someone to contact you she will  go to abc city, find xyz road and locate flat no.2 on it. The problem is that you share the flat with you friend. Now how will she identify which one of the two guys are you. Your name is your identifier, in the same manner number of devices that you use to connect to internet needs an unique identifier.

Well, now we are approaching about billion devices online and the IPv4 (32bit) system used to generate the ip addresses will soon get over – then what, we expand the system. The new system called IPv6 (128bit) will take over and we can have over trillion devices.

So enjoy the expanding power of connectivity.