Recently I had a chance to see Kindle for Amazon. This was bought by a friend of mine as a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. We were both thinking that it is just one more of those pads, but to our surprise we were delighted to see that it was not. It is indeed a fully integrated book reader with lodes of features.

When we unpacked it – it was like a wider mobile phone, with just  under 250 grams weight and easy to put it in hand and read while seating or sleeping. We were amazed with the speed with which we got accustomed with the product. Further the navigation was too simple, with in no time we felt like we don’t want to put it down.

Suddenly I had a thought – devices like this could be an alternative to books, obviously something that we read most on our holidays then why not to see how it fairs in sunlight, luckily it was a sunny day and we went out, wow it is so easy to read even in bight sunlight.

To add to our delight we had Internet connection in it by 3G letting us download any book at any time and also help us to surf number of sites.

My friend thought of giving some perfume to his girlfriend and keep this one for him. I have reviewed it and I am also impressed that I ordered my one and if you want you can have a look at it, check the details by clicking the link below.

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology