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Using Technology To Protect Our Children At School

Criminal damage, drunken behavior, stabbings, general anti-social behavior, and even the occasional shooting are just some of the things you might witness on the streets of the UK, across Safety at schools, and making sure children and staff are safe and protected at all times is vital in the modern world. This article looks at how technology can be used to make our schools, kindergartens, colleges, nurseries, and universities even safer places.

What’s the most important thing about schools and the education system? Depending on whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a school governor, a regulator, or indeed a pupil attending the school the answer could well be very different.

However, one thing that virtually everyone will agree on though is making sure our schools, nurseries, kindergartens, colleges, and universities are safe environments. So with safety a major issue in modern places of learning what steps can school take to make sure their school is as safe as possible?

Here are just 4 ways in which schools, colleges, and universities can now technology to make sure their children and staff are as safe as possible:

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television)

The UK alone has over 4 million CCTV cameras (one for every 14 people) so this method of security is now commonplace. CCTV is used for a wide variety of things but for schools, the use of CCTV allows for the monitoring of property and people. A further advance in CCTV technology has seen the introduction of talking CCTV systems which give potential intruders or trouble makers a verbal warning. These types of systems can prove highly effective in schools to disburse potential trouble makers.

Security Lighting

With the dark winter nights now upon us and with children and teachers often starting and ending school in darkness (or dusk), having suitable lighting is very important. Security lighting can act by giving pupils and teachers more confidence by providing a well-lit and safe environment as well as deterring would-be criminals and trouble makers.

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Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms can work for schools as depending on the type of alarm you have it can alert other teachers, school workers, school children, and/or the police. The result is whatever caused the alarm to be activated stops. And the school premises, staff and pupils stay safe.

Two Way Radio

Mobile phone technology has meant it is easier than ever to stay in touch. However, mobile or cell phones suffer from cost and lack of coverage issues which means they aren’t used by many schools. Schools can however take advantage of modern Two Way Radio technology that allows teachers and ground staff to stay in touch wherever they are for just the cost of the actual handset. With no rental charges, no call charges, and a robust and reliable way to stay in touch both on the school premises and on field trips Two Way Radio is a must for any school with a focus on security, communication, and safety.

Two Way Radios are ideal for schools as they provide them with an affordable and mobile way to stay in touch. And with school safe two-way providers offering superb deals for schools, colleges, and universities on school safe radio it has never been easier for schools, nurseries, kindergartens, colleges, and universities to make modern technology work for them. And ultimately make all our children more secure.

Establish and grow your business using the internet

With the growth of the internet businesses of all sizes find it as a very useful tool to start and grow their business online.

Of late we have seen more and more people are buying online that has resulted in a complete shift from offline store to online and in the process technology playing a key role in business progress.

This section is devoted to helping businesses gain an advantage with the right technology to get online and grow their business.

Welcome to technology blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

I like technology in all area of life – this blog is going to give frequent updates on different areas of technology.

Some of the areas that I am keen to cover are

  • Information Technology
  • Gadgets
  • Internet for average users
  • Internet for business
  • More to come soon….

I am sure each post on this site will be as informative and as entertaining that you will find every minute of your time is well spent with my blog.



Gadgets that you will love to use everyday.

Gadgets have now been our daily use items. From smartwatches to simple everyday alarms. All these now form a part of our daily life.

In this section, I am aiming to keep on introducing new gadgets and innovations that anyone can use to make their life better.

So keep exploring…

Are you expecting iPad3?

Are you expecting iPad3 in March?

Is it a rumour or true?

Some say that iPad3 is about to be launched in March 2012. They also point out that this is the reason why you could get refub iPad from PC World for under £300.

This is in line with my previous post about a lot of changes expected this year in the technology industry.

One of the biggest change is emerging Internet and mobile TV. Apple is set to have high resolution screen on iPad3 which will make it possible to view BlueRay films on it.

Now add this to the concept of Internet tv and you will see that Netflix, Amazon (LoveFilms) and Sky are fighting to gain upper hand in this market.

What will happen next month – will we see iPad3 or not? Is not yet known, but this market is set to change for sure
Happy waiting 🙂

Is this a year of change?

Recently Google reported that it has seen sudden growth of 50% rise in mobile traffic in 2011. Another such news is that Google is likely to launch Google TV by mid 2012. Google is not just one company that is on change, Microsoft is also on the same trail with more or less same offering and conclusions.  Xbox is now more verbal controlled and Microsoft hopes to use the same technology in the next generation TV. The new operating system Windows 8 is likely to offer a same operating system that can work on all devices including mobile and hopefully future internet TVs. What does this news mean?

Well, the answer is simple this year 2012 will see an evolution of new method of entertainment. In 2011 we saw dawn of tablets which is likely to exceed sales of laptops and desktops in 2012 and with consumers demanding more and more high power and flexible devices in 2012 we are going to see internet TV joining the mainstream. The question still remains is with the speed of broadband that we have in major part of world will this be a success or will it take time like 3D TVs?

Beware The Con Is On – Cyber Crime Costs £27bn A Year

Cyber crime costs The UK economy £27bn a year, the government has said. The BBC has reported that as per governments report  this total is made up of £21bn of costs to businesses, £2.2bn to government and £3.1bn to citizens. For average person this mean a big dark area where they need to be careful:

Some of the most popular method of cyber crime that all of us shall be vigilant on are

  • Emails hits your mailbox offering you login to your paypal or bank account – to add to the sensation they say your account is compromise and you need to login to confirm your id. You login using the link and give your details to the Con artist. Always login from the bank or paypal website and never click a link to it.
  • The classic one was some ex dictator’s wife or solicitor offering you some millions of dollars in return of your bank account details – they want to transfer money to your account but in reality they want to draw money from your account or use your details to defraud someone else.
  • Another one is you get a post or email saying you have won 51 inch TV and the draw was in another country – to send you the TV they need money. Obviously this guy is not going to be visible once you have given the money.
  • With number of directories and free listing sites where you can track people, these Con experts dig out your information from electoral list and they get more information from your facebook and other social media sites – this valuable information could be used in number of ways like some days ago someone got a big list of un-invited visitors to his birthday party or worst some one got a big surprise when they came back from the holidays and found their house walls to wall empty.

I think the most important point is that we all need to keep that view in mind that if we are giving out the information which is too personal then where it be published and who will use it.

I hope this article helps you to be more vigilant.

Review of Kindle from Amazon

Recently I had a chance to see Kindle for Amazon. This was bought by a friend of mine as a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. We were both thinking that it is just one more of those pads, but to our surprise we were delighted to see that it was not. It is indeed a fully integrated book reader with lodes of features.

When we unpacked it – it was like a wider mobile phone, with just  under 250 grams weight and easy to put it in hand and read while seating or sleeping. We were amazed with the speed with which we got accustomed with the product. Further the navigation was too simple, with in no time we felt like we don’t want to put it down.

Suddenly I had a thought – devices like this could be an alternative to books, obviously something that we read most on our holidays then why not to see how it fairs in sunlight, luckily it was a sunny day and we went out, wow it is so easy to read even in bight sunlight.

To add to our delight we had Internet connection in it by 3G letting us download any book at any time and also help us to surf number of sites.

My friend thought of giving some perfume to his girlfriend and keep this one for him. I have reviewed it and I am also impressed that I ordered my one and if you want you can have a look at it, check the details by clicking the link below.

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Galaxy tab or iPad

A new debate that seems to have gained ground is of Samsung’s Galaxy tab or Apple’s iPad. More so because Christmas is approaching.

The fact that Galaxy tab is a new device and had enough time to work on improvements needed in iPad is clearly visible in the features.

7 inch screen to fit your hand
Android phone
3.2 Megapixels camera
16 GB upgradable to 32 GB card

All this makes it a bit of bigger advantage over iPad

On other hand smaller screen size leads to lower resolution and as a net result will not attract people looking for big view.

Where as this is just the first major competitor in the market – more are on their way in, it might be interesting to wait and see the market as it grows.